Top Six Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Top Six Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

1.Laser Hair Removal saves you time and money

When you get Laser Hair Removal, not only does it save you time on waxing or shaving, it also saves you money in the long run. With a few treatments of Laser Hair Removal, you will be hair free permanently. Think about how often you buy razors and make waxing appointments. It adds up!

2. Laser Hair Removal leaves you hair less

Laser Hair Removal has been around since 1960. Over the years, experts have advanced the technologies to make the procedure more efficient and safe for all skin tones and hair types. When getting Laser Hair Removal, it will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hair free. Who doesn’t love smooth skin all the time!

3. Laser Hair Removal prevents ingrown hair and razor burn

Everyone has had at least one ingrown hair and/or razor burn in their lifetime. It can be painful, itchy, embarrassing and it can even lead to a serious infection of the hair follicle. Even with the best facial and body exfoliators on the market, ingrown hairs can still arise. With Laser Hair Removal, you will be eliminating the painful red bumps and ingrown hairs that goes along with shaving and waxing.

4. Minimal Downtime

Laser Hair Removal does not take long to perform. Done properly by trained professionals, the procedure should be quick and effective. You can even go to work the same day. Clients have reported that it is less painful than waxing!

5. Boosting self confidence

Laser Hair Removal gives you a boost of confidence. Sometimes, we can get a little self conscious about our body hair. Laser Hair Removal will make you feel your very best at all times.

6. Multiple laser technologies 

At DermaTech Laser Clinic, we use the Alexandrite and NDYAG lasers, Which allow us to treat successfully a wide variety of skin and hair types and colours. These lasers can be used individually or combined to give you the best long lasting results in your Laser Hair Removal journey.

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