Chemical Peels


How It Works

Chemical peel is a semi-invasive dermatological treatment that is used to improve the quality and minimize the abnormalities of the facial skin by revealing healthy skin underneath the dead cells. In this treatment a special chemical solution is used to exfoliate the uppermost layer of facial skin. After the dead skin peels off, the new regenerated skin is smoother with less wrinkles and better texture and tone. Based on dermal condition of your skin, a particular chemical with a specific dose will be used to fulfill your needs.

This treatment can be done on face, neck and hands to treat sun damages and aging signs, to clear lines around mouth and eyes, to remove mild scars, and to improve the look and tone of the skin.

What to Expect on the Day of the Treatment

The procedure takes under half an hour and healing process will take from couple of hours to few days during which the new fresh skin will grow rich in collagen. In order to improve the skin and achieve the best result, chemical peel sessions should be done in specific intervals.

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Results May Vary for Every Individual

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