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In our clinic, different types of ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments to clear aging signs are offered. Depending on the level of the severity of the signs, a special procedure will be tailored to your needs to maximize the results and minimize the downtime to the shortest possible.

How it Works

Our serious and exclusive non-surgical facelift procedure involves several stages of ablative and non-ablative laser applications to achieve the natural skin tone and appearance. In the non-ablative laser treatment stages, deep layer of the skin are heated with light pulses to increase the collagen production and tighten up the dermis. In multiple sessions, the healing response of the immune system is also effected to encourage the remodeling of the existing collagen and the contraction of the supportive underlying tissues of the skin that result in a tighter, more uplifted appearance to the skin. Later, on top of the non-ablative treatment, we employ our newest build of ablative fractional resurfacing laser where we use very short pulsed light energy on aging areas to ablate deep narrow channels of skin preparing it for renewal. This way, we dramatically increase the consistency in tone and appearance of the skin where no sign of aging will be visible.

What to Expect on the Day of the Treatment

This procedure will be done in few sessions based on the dermal condition and your needs. Besides, the treatment can be complemented with other treatments to yield most consistent results.

Following the procedure and after the recovery time you will notice that 8 to 12 years of age is peeled off your face and feel your skin fresh and tight anew.

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Results May Vary for Every Individual  

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