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In this treatment session which comprises of two stages of laser treatments, two mainstream technologies, Skin Revitalization and Skin Renewal are

combined to reduce healing time to its shortestand boost the clinical results to its maximum.This safe, simple and quick procedure removes pigmentation irregularities and flaws with results of revealing new natural glowing complexion of your face, neck, décolleté and hands.  In the first phase of treatment, pigments are targeted by gentle pulses of energy. When the energy is absorbed by pigments they are destroyed and this triggers body’s natural healing process to clear away the dead cells and replace them with new and healthy tissue.

In the second stage, non-ablative resurfacing, deeper dermal layers are treated by pulses of energy to stimulate collagen production and replace imperfections without destroying natural skin tissue.
The intelligent combination of two procedures trigger the natural dermal healing of the immune system to yield very smooth and the most even skin surface. Besides, by devising fractional resurfacing method in our clinic, skin improvements will be visible immediately after sessions of treatment without bleeding and scabbing. As, in this method, microscopic columns of skin are treated, treated areas are surrounded by untreated areas which results in better skin tone and texture consistency shortly after treatment.

For more information about this Treatment or to schedule a consultation, contact Dermatech laser clinic at info@dermatechlaserclinic.com or call us at (905) 597-2552.



tone_texture_ba Results May Vary for Every Individual

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